Pizza salami

Ingredients for a pizza pan of cm. 36 x 25
650 gr of White Flour Bread esSenza Glutine
1 boiled potato weighing about 150 gr (weighed after cooking and peeling)
500 ml of water
16 g of fresh brewer's yeast
50 ml of extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons of salt up
To season pizza
Tomato sauce
100 gr of mozzarella not too watery
50 g salami slices
Salt to taste.
extra virgin olive oil

Boil the potato with the peel in slightly salted water, then peel it and let it cool.
Dissolve the brewer's yeast in the water at room temperature or slightly warm and let it act for ten minutes.
In a bowl place the flour and the potato passed. Start working by slowly joining the water with baking powder. Once the water has been absorbed, add the oil to the wire and continue stirring until absorbed and then add the salt. Grease a bowl with extra virgin olive oil and pour the dough.
Cover and let rise about 2 hours.
Grease a rectangular baking tray cm.36 x 25.
Pour the mixture into the pan and with the tips of the fingers slightly greased, roll out the dough gently until it is uniform.
Turn on the 220 ° fan oven for pizza
Season the tomato puree in a bowl with salt, oil and oregano and sprinkle the surface of the pizza. Chop the mozzarella and place it on the pizza just before baking.
Then cook at 220 ° for about 15 minutes (depending on the oven) or until it will appear cooked and crisp. Remove the pan, immediately transfer the pizza to a wire rack to prevent the formation of steam, thus making the base soggy, place the slices of salami on the pizza eee ....enjoy your meal!!!