Orecchiette alla Cilentina

Ingredients for 4 people
250 gr Orecchiette esSenza Glutine
400 gr true clams
400 gr Chickpeas from Cicerale
fresh parsley
extra virgin olive oil
black pepper
1/2 glass of white wine

The night before, put the chickpeas to soak in plenty of cold water.
Cook them for about 2 hours with celery, onion, a leaf of then, extra virgin olive oil and salt. As soon as the chickpeas are cooked, transfer a good part into a tall glass and form a smooth and homogeneous cream with the minipimer. Keep some whole chickpeas aside.
In a pan pour a little extra-virgin olive oil and a clove of garlic, while you add the clams and half a glass of white wine. Cover with the lid and cook for a few minutes over high heat. The clams with the heat will open. As soon as they are all open, turn off the heat and discard the garlic.
Cook the orecchiette in plenty of water and drain them. Combine them with clams and a few handfuls of whole chickpeas and mix them together.
In the serving dish pour a chickpea cream base and place a nice ladle of Orecchiette esSenza Glutine with clams and whole chickpeas and chopped fresh parsley to perfume.
The dish is so ready to be served and ... enjoy your meal.